40 Times People Totally Nailed Their Family Photo Recreations

#31 August 2002 - August 2015

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#32 Father’s Day Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Our Annual Tradition Of Remaking This 1968 Photo Of Dad And Me On His First Motorcycle

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#33 Started In The Backpack Now I’m Here... With My Son... 34 Years Later

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#34 Siblings, 26 Years Apart (Perth, Western Australia)

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#35 Birthday With The Bro! But Mine Started 8 Minutes Ago

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#36 Sisters, 15 Years Apart

#37 My Father And I In 1980, And My Son And I In 2018

#38 Recreation Of Bride's Childhood Family Photo At Her Wedding

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#39 Dad Still Knows How To Relax After 30 Years

#40 From The Beginning, He's Always Been Giving Me A Helping Hand. 23 Years Later, I've Graduated From College And He's Still There For Me When I Need Him