Teenager Breaks Down After Customers Abuse Her While Working Overtime At Supermarket

When the adults are to blame for being slow in taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and making sure it's under control, why should children and teenagers suffer from them? Jordyn works as a cashier at a Woolworth chain in Townsville, Australia. And just like any other major retail chain, they are always running out of basic necessities since people were hoarding them nonstop.

But above her job, she was just a teenager, facing the threat of COVID-19 together with the rest of us. In fact, the workloads of grocery workers have been increasing since the panic buyers began to emerge. But the 18-year-old finally broke down under the pressure and rude treatments from the customers throughout the day. Her mom listened to her story and decided she had to share this unfair treatment to the world.

This is Jordy, an 18-year-old teenager who came home in tears after being abused by customers.

Her mom wrote, "Thank you to all the a**holes who think its okay to abuse Woolies staff to the point where you break them, daily, multiple times a day."

She added that people were complaining and blaming her and other people for situations they couldn't control. Jordyn's friend was there and wanted to give her a hug, but she was worried that it might put her in trouble or upset her.

Positive and uplifting comments poured in, telling Jordyn that they are looking forward to seeing her again because she's one of the friendliest girl ever.

Jordyn is not the only person. Here's another image of a customer comforting a Wool's worker.

Major retail chains such as Woolsworth and Coles have imposed restrictions to curb down bulk-buying. This, along with the shortages, cause customers to get infuriated.

One person commented, "Before you look for someone to blame for all of this mayhem, maybe try and think about the fact that these people are just trying to do their jobs and don't need to be abused every 10 minutes just because Woolworths and Coles is out of stock.

"Be a decent human in these time you never know what someone is struggling with in their lives and you're abusing someone over not being able to buy three packets of pasta or some toilet paper."

Elderly hour has been introduced to allow the elderly to shop in peace while reducing their exposure to the crowd and exert social distancing.

Even with the rationing, the shelves are still swept clean.

But due to the sudden influx of sales, Coles and Woolsworth have allowed for temporary jobs to open, hiring more than 20,000 in Woolsworth alone to fulfill the demands. They are also seeing this as an opportunity to focus more on building up their online operations. Coles are also promising 5,000 new jobs to those who have lost a mean to make a living due to the pandemic.

Let's treat everyone who works on the frontline, including the cashiers, with respect!