24 Tweets People Without Siblings Can Never, Ever Comprehend

Having a sibling can be one of the highest assets and experiences in your whole life. You already have a locked-in friend who will love and care for you and shoot NERF balls around the house with you.

That’s not to say that having siblings is always filled with fun. Having a brother or a sister can set you up for some silly competitive streaks and cruel tricks. Hell hath no anger like a younger sibling trying to one-up their elder sister for always being in control of all their money.

It’s pretty good to have the same genes with another person, so when next you can’t stand your brother because he’s a frustrating little twat – just remember – it could always be.

#1 It Prepares You For Anything

Twitter: @702austin

#2 It Keeps You On Your Feet

Twitter: @alexismarie21__

#3 It Makes You To Get Use To Insult

Twitter: @_natalieray

#4 It Makes You To Be Very Good At Keeping Secret

Twitter: @jrtyszka

#5 It Makes You To Appreciate What You Have

Twitter: @biryaniwoman

#6 It Makes You See Your Parents In Different Manner

Twitter: @lindseyywolf

#7 It Reminds You Of What You Have Done

Twitter: @issam_bayan

#8 It Tells You About Other Person’s Personal Space

Twitter: @delilahclaire1

#9 It Shows You How To Make A Deal

Twitter: @najmaaaay

#10 It Teaches You How To Fight Justly

#11 It Actually Aids In Your Running Speed

Twitter: @flossaus

#12 It Teaches You How To Settle Your Differences

Twitter: @deprives

#13 You Learn How To Apologize

Twitter: @hennaahmedx

#14 It Makes You To Be Aware Of Your Family History

Twitter: @itskyllle

#15 It Allow You To Create New Holidays

#16 You Learn How To Have Great Chat

Twitter: @raeesa38004527

#17 It Makes You Feel Bad


#18 You Easily Learn How To Win A Fight

Twitter: @sxmhas

#19 You Learn How To Love

Twitter: @_lilmic_

#20 It Turns You Into A Very Analytical Person

Twitter: @98born_nv

#21 It Makes You To Know The Value Of Money


#22 Oh, It’s A Lifelong Thing

Twitter: @bekah_owsley