Attention Boomers: Millennials Aren't The Problem Right Now

People of different generations are finding it harder and harder to stay connected because times change so fast and it's faster than ever. The boomers like to blame younger ones for being reckless just because we're still free of responsibility. Well, guess what, this has been running for over a decade. You'd think they'll remember that we, too, grow old. But nope, they continue to blame everything to us as if it was just yesterday that we attended a college class.

Now that Covid-19 is here, a lot of us have seen some people crazy enough to go for parties and be in a huge crowd, unsure if any of them had contracted the novel virus. The boomers, like they always had, continue to blame millennials for what happened.

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And they probably think the Gen Z are still studying at school.

'Time for millennials to grow up.' Not sure why you're telling people in the their 30s with kids to grow up, but ok.

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The millennials are taking all these blamings. We've been home for God-knows how long and trying to tell everyone else to stay home and not panic. We are the ones with kids to care for now and have to deal with anxiety that's also staying home with us.

You want us to grow up?


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