39 People Who Didn’t Really Think Things Through So They Ended Up Hilarious

Without proper planning, where would humanity be? Okay, we’d all be in an increasingly chaotic global maelstrom, facing inevitable natural disasters and residing on a planet where some individuals consider James Corden is tolerable.

Nevertheless, thinking some things through can be overrated, many at times it’s more satisfying to take action and then ask questions later.

In this article, this is evidently not the case as these 39 people who didn’t really think things through found out something more.

#1 The Unfortunate Movie Season

Reddit | PinkFloydJoe

#2 Be Careful What You Sometimes Wish For

Reddit | TheLastRealMan

#3 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream In Your Pajamas

Reddit | koko_koala94

#4 Forgiveness Is To Swallow……!

Reddit | systemsofromance

#5 Photoshopping Teeth Into Babies

Reddit | meowroarhiss

#6 Come A Little Closer Ad!

Reddit | Illumablocki

#7 Don’t Touch Yourself’

Reddit | alexisGodly

#8 Paste Shaped Like Garda

Reddit | CookiePixell

#9 People Thought I Am Crazy In The Waiting Room

Reddit | Possibly_

#10 What’s Up With The Bathroom Stalls?

Reddit | TheRealBearSloth

#11 Hiding Anonymity!

Reddit | Maelarion

#12 Solar-Powered Streetlight Under A Bridge

Reddit | tldfr

#13 Congratulations George Brownridge!

Reddit | psiwakoti1

#14 The Alarm & Stop Button On This Bus Are The Same

Reddit | YaBoiJasper

#15 ‘I Was Occupied With Winning 10 Giant Bears From Knott’s Berry Farm’


#16 This Will Take Three Seconds, I Promise!

Reddit | mnLIED

#17 Razor Wire On Top Of The Gate! It’s So Secure

Reddit | WeirdOldShrimp

#18 The Ukrainian History Textbook Isn’t Quite The Expected

Reddit | bb_brune

#19 Imagine People Doing This By Accident, But Still Not Thinking Through

Reddit | taytaylife

#20 This Look Quite On Purpose!

Reddit | Excal333

#21 ‘A Coin In The Eye’

Reddit | MateusPirocudo

#22 The Congestion! Where’s The Way Out?

Reddit | b-radical29

#23 This TV station Deserve Some Leeway!

Reddit | jxf

#24 Somebody Couldn’t Have Put This Door In A Worse Place

Reddit | ApeCommando

#25 What’s This?

Reddit | WhatTheHelloYT

#26 Contractor Felt It’s Good To Bury Both Gas Meter & Shutoff In Cement

Reddit | Steevo_no_jackass

#27 This Doesn’t Make Any Less Terrible

Reddit | JohnStamossi

#28 Harder Than They Can Imagine

Reddit | xxzach547xx

#29 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Reddit | kekembas17

#30 Dancing In The Fire

Reddit | N1ghtv0re