This Cowboy Museum’s Head Of Security Takes Over Twitter And Share Hilarious Tweets

Americans have been able to find its new icon. Since the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma put Tim Send, their head of security, in control of their twitter, everyone in the country has been admiring his tweets.

Out of those tweets, some are educational, providing a hint into the museum’s exhibition; others document their head of security amusingly wholesome tries to get a hold of the inner workings of the social media. But irrespective of which one you come across and read, they purely represent his incredibility.

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National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum has been on an outstanding status even before Tim took over its internet. As of this article, it has a 4.7-star rating on Google reviews with 2,646 votes. ‘With the omission of thunder, Oklahoma’s is well known for, above all else, its rich wild western history. This farfetched history is well-looked-after for all to see in OKC’s National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum,’ the establishment wrote on its website.

Featuring galleries full of Native American and Western clothing, artifacts, firearms, and even movie props, it’s simple to see why the Museum is measured to be one of OKC’s most exceptional (and quintessentially Oklahoman) charms.

Guests flock into the museum from all angles of the country looking for their dream Wild Western learning experience and who can apportion blame to them? It’s only the most widespread collection of Western art, history, and mementos (more than 28,000 pieces!) in the world.’

Unfortunately, ever since Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt declared a state of emergency as a result of the spread of Covid-19, the museum is presently closed to the public. But never worry, once the pandemic is over, you will be free to visit it and see all the things Tim has been tweeting about the museum and if you are so fortunate you may even meet with the man.

Tim Also Happily Interact With The Museum’s Followers: