Nurse Left In Tears At Empty Supermarket Shelves After A 48-Hour Shift

A 51-year-old nurse from York has gone viral in a tearful video of her heartfelt begging. Dawn Bilbrough had spent the past 48 hours working due to the pandemic and only had time to get her basic needs after. But she found the shelves empty after people bulk buying things due to the quarantine and outbreak. She was unable to get anything for herself and the healthcare worker took it to Facebook to vent out her frustration.

After spending 48 hours as critical nurse, Dawn was faced with nothing she can buy during her break time.

The nurse went back to her car after walking to the fresh produce section to find no fruits nor vegetable she could get and 'had a little cry in there'. She said, "I'm a critical care nurse and I've just finished 48 hours of work and I just wanted to get some stuff in for the next 48 hours."

"There's no fruit, there's no vegetables and I just don't know how I'm supposed to stay healthy," she added.

"Those people who are just stripping the shelves have basic foods you just need to stop it because it's people like me that are going to be looking after you when you are at your lowest and just stop it please!"

After her plea was heard, it went viral and the comment section was flooded with support and people offering for help. One wrote, "Oh Dawn, I'm so sorry to see you so upset. The job you are doing is so very important to so many people, and how unfair it is that this means you are last in line for the nutritious food you really need to stay healthy and keep doing that important job. Thinking of you and sending much"

Her daughter, Clare, 32, said, "My mum is working her hardest to look after everyone during this pandemic."

One of them offered help from her own groceries, "Dawn bless you, please don't cry! I'm in isolation but I have a bag of potatoes, carrots and a water melon you can have. I can leave them on my doorstep for you, double bagged! Be fine once, cleaned and boiled. Please don't cry."

Her daughter, Clare, said, "There's enough to go around for all of us if we all act sensibly. Mum has managed to get the stuff she needs for the next few days now as I think friends have helped her out. But she never goes out and buys loads. When everyone is acting irresponsibly they need to take a little thought for the people like my mum who have worked very long hours looking after others."

Picture shows empty shelves in a grocery store located in the middle of York back on March 19.

Due to the recent panic-buying, supermarkets have been restricting to the number of item people are allowed to purchase each. In Tesco and Sainsbury's chains, people are only allowed to buy 3 of each type of grocery. Asda and Morrisons are implementing restrictions on over 1250 lines of regularly bought products.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson have also requested people to be 'reasonable' and said, "We've got good supply chains and farms, there's no reason for shops to be empty."

"Please be reasonable in your shopping and be considerate of other shoppers as you do it."

Previously, a mother went viral on TikTok after sharing that she was unable to get her hand on the right size of diaper for her youngest daughter at the grocery store.