Bride Stunned Guests With Her Speech As She Told Six Police Officers To Stand Behind Groom

Traditionally, wedding speeches have been a man’s job with the groom, best man and importantly the father of the bride taking a stand to tell stories while hopefully making the crowd laugh.

But now, new statistics suggest women are finally getting in on the act. With more and more women choosing to stand up and speak for themselves at their own weddings, it’s about time the world supports the aforementioned.

Undeniably, weddings are filled with love and laughter, but sometimes the best wedding moments are those that come with a little bit of surprise.

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The video uploaded to YouTube, featuring a bride who brought both applaud and tears after delivering the most rewarding surprise for her groom is dubbed the wedding surprise ever. 

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Posted by the bride’s sister,  the groom- James is a police officer who put his life on the line daily in a bid to ensure the safety of others. Six of his colleagues in blue were present on his wedding day.

But just as the bride prepares to deliver her speech, she called all six of the officers up to the dance floor, inviting them to gather around her new husband. She prepared something beautiful to say and indeed no one saw it coming – not even the husband. 

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What transpired was too emotional to overlook, hence you’ll have to see this for yourself. This speech is a can’t-miss!

Concluding her speech, the bride revealed some gift she’s prepared for everyone in attendance.