15 Stories About Crazy Relatives That Make Us Wonder What Is Wrong With People

Relatives are really difficult for some people. Some of you are probably grateful for them as they can be pretty spoiling towards you and even end up teaching you one or two interesting things in life. But with the stories below, you won't be able to believe how they just lack backbones and should never dare to bring their blood relation into conversation anymore.

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Me and my brother had been wanting to bury this picture, and then my uncle just brought this up and put it as his Facebook profile picture.

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  • I live only with my husband and we began noticing food going missing and things not being where they're supposed to be. I found out one day when I went home early because I felt unwell and found my mother-in-law snooping around when we're not around. She made a double of our key. © Overheard / VK

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I went to our cottage with a sauna with my family yesterday and found the fridge half-empty. We also entered the sauna and it looked messy, but we never leave without cleaning it. Turns out my cousin had borrowed the cottage half a year ago for their kid's birthday and 'forgot' to return the keys. He walked in on us while in the sauna and asked, "Why are you here? It's workday!" I was mad, spat some bad words and kicked them out. I've changed all the locks of my cottage and sauna. 

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During the construction of a neighborhood near my grandparents' home, they were given land to build not far down the street. Now, more than a decade later, I inherited their lands and returned there to build a big house. My aunt visited me years later and just decided she's staying with us one summer with her grandchildren. I rejected, explaining that I have 3 kids with my husband and she could only stay for a few days, not more. She started crying about not getting to return to her dad's house, so I just showed her the empty land where my grandparents used to live in and said she can live there instead. We're not on speaking terms now. 

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A friend of mine tells a story of when his mom asked for him to accompany his aunt and her family while visiting New York. He had been living there for 5 years and was splitting the rent cost of his apartment with 2 friends. His mom simply asked him to tell his friends to live somewhere else for 7 days. Of course, he said no. 40 minutes later, his aunt called him to say he's spoiled and should never expect their help ever. He's never asked for one for 26 years and doesn't think he'll ever have to. 

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My brother came over to my place with his wife for a few weeks, so I left them alone because I had 24-hour shifts and the 3 days off. We talked for a bit before they left, and my brother's wife spilled the beans: she had been reading the diary that I wrote since I was 11 for 14 years. I felt sick thinking about it. 

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My grandpa left one of his two grandchildren with all $5,000 inheritance, but none for me. I was sad but was not angry. My cousin later carefully asked and I told him that we were trying to pay off the mortgage early, but I didn't say we sold our car. She got mad later because she thought I got more and I lied I got $8,000. She stormed off and left, I didn't regret lying.

My wife's aunt and her son asked to be let to live with us for a while, so we let them in and asked them to feel comfortable. We fed them and saw she never buy anything but yoghurt for her son. When I took one yoghurt off the fridge that they have been emptying for granted, I was ranted at. I told them they can't take anything from the fridge, but they asked me to buy them yoghurt instead. I kicked them out while my wife was out, but she supported me anyway when I told her later.

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I finally bought an expensive car with a great interior for my family because we drive to the cottage out of town every summer. I take my wife's family with us, but they are bringing their cat along on top of not paying for the gas. The cat always makes a mess and scratch things but I am the one that ends up cleaning up after them. I told them to put him in a bad but they got angry. They only understood how hard it is when they rode the bus once and bought the bag. Now they act like they're doing me a favor with that cat bag every time.