30 Times Online Shopping Delivered So Bad That It's Just Too Hilarious

People have had their own horrible share of shopping online, but not all of us had it bad. From horrible sellers who don't send according to our orders to us making the mistakes of not reading the footprint or product descriptions, there are all kinds of experiences. But this time, we want to focus on the ones that are just so bad people couldn't get mad at them.

On a positive note, these experiences shared by people for all of you to enjoy. Make sure to read your descriptions in your next shopping session!

#1 Got a tapestry for wall made of small pugs!

© rraccoons / tumblr -Via

#2 My cat had that 'I knew it' look.

© cewallace9 / reddit -Via

#3 Friend got this dustpan from Amazon. Let's hope they got the broom as well.

© skeeterou / reddit -Via

#4 Wanted to get a tight for Halloween, but I didn't pay attention to the size.

© LambLegs / reddit -Via

#5 Never thought the seller was being real.

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#6 Where did I miss the note 'This is for your hamster.'?

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#7 Aliexpress impressed me.

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#8 Got a pair of shoes online. Can you even call this a pair?

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#9 It's amazing what Aliexpress can do.

© Sergiotor9 / reddit -Via

#10 Dad wanted shoes for himself.

© downeyrth_lover / twitter -Via

#11 Bought this tent two years ago and thought it was adults-sized. It was actually a two-person CHILD's tent. Brought it to the festival anyway.

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#12 Feels like they sent an unfinished product.

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#13 When your ladle can't fit into any of your pots.

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#14 Mom got her mini-chairs, now we need a mini-garden.

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#15 That Jordan, though.

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#16 This shirt has been getting me weird looks. Yeah, got it online.

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#17 There are even fake Sharpie, it's Skerple.

© portablebiscuit / reddit -Via

#18 Got a desk lamp Amazon and even though it clearly said Tiny Desk Lamp, I-

© bolthead88 / reddit -Via

#19 More like a not-so-smart watch.

© PM_ME_YOUR_SALAMIS / reddit -Via

#20 It was XL and in addition, it's got a different design.

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#21 Not even close, guys.

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#22 Wife definitely want to cook more than a single egg on this skillet.

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#23 What I say to people vs. What I actually feel.

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#24 Got it from Amazon. At least it's the same color.

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#25 Got this for €2 and never understood the price until we got it.

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#26 What I ordered vs. What I got.

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#27 Amazon, I'm unhappy.

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#28 He looks like he has no idea how this happened.

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#29 Got this at a kitchen sale and well, I guess I don't need the metric system anymore.

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#30 Kid is happy, but this doesn't go into the pool, definitely.

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