30 People Share Hilarious Pet Names And They’re Beyond Imagination

Pet names are all about love and they decrease the serious feel that comes while calling the actual name. Keeping a pet name is always a fun experience, and needs creativity. They can be meaningful but still, be silly. But pet names don’t come for just humans. It can also be for our furry friends. Probably the local vet has the most challenging job because they get to hear all the hilarious inventive and funny names that people have chosen for their furry friends.

This Twitter thread went completely viral that had begun at the vet where Juliet Mushens, CaskieMushens literary agent was waiting and she overheard some of the funniest names people have given their pets. She said, “I have two British Shorthair cats, Neville and Luna and they were there having their jabs. Funny pet names are clearly a universally popular theme! I am a fan of old man names for pets, but I also enjoyed the incongruous names like ‘Tinkerbell’ for a Rottweiler.”

We bring forward some of the funniest pet names that people have come up with on Twitter and trust us, they are beyond imagination!

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