Mom’s Powerful Message To School Bullies After Her Son, 9, Asks To Take His Own Life

One might argue that a 9-year-old boy won't understand much about life or even have suicidal thoughts. But Yarraka Bayles prove that completely wrong - 9-year-old boys are old enough to understand and be hurt. They won't grow out of these painful moments because without adult interfering, these kids might never have the chance to grow at all.

The Brisbane-based mom shares a short clip of her son crying after she picked him up from school. The schoolboy has a common dwarfism condition called ‘Achondroplasia’ and he's been bullied for it at school. What surprises her mom and many people was that he was crying and asking for ropes because he wants to kill himself.

Yarraka Bayles shared a video of her son, 9, who asked to be killed after he was bullied by his friends over his dwarfism condition.

Quaden begged in the video, "I just want to stab myself in the chest. I want someone to just kill me." The disturbing scene has been viewed more than 3 million times and has got people sending Quaden Bayles strengthening words.

All-Stars NFL Team has also reached out to the mother and invited Quaden for a walk in the pitch during their match scheduled on Saturday. It was unfortunate for such a thing to happen to a kid, but hopefully, this positive experience can help him quickly get back up and forget about the bad things.

Here's Quaden with NRL star Latrell Mitchell who wore a South Sydney Rabbitohs Jersey during a match.

The NRL team is going up against New Zealand Maori Kiwis and the match is taking place at CBUS Super Stadium on the Gold Coast. Quaden looks excited and happy as he took some pictures with the stars of the football team.

The disturbing video showed Quaden crying in the car after mom picked her up from school.

The boy who was just bullies said, "I want to die, I want to scratch myself and die."

Bayles uploaded this video because she wishes to raise the awareness of the rampant bullying that is happening in education institutions. She always prefers to keep her private life away from public's eyes, but she really preferred if this issue takes more attention.

A 9-year-old boy who's supposed to be playing and studying was saying, "I want to die, I want to scratch myself and die."

Bayles said, "We try to be as strong and positive as possible by sharing the highlights. This is how bullying affects a 9-Year-Old" in the viral footage.

We really hope Quaden and all the kids who've experienced bullying can put it all behind and be happy again.