22 Photos That Are Too Relatable For People Who Have Overactive Brain

Overthinking, and its offspring anxiety and perfectionism is quite common in gifted beings.

The over excitabilities, which mostly occurs all the time in the most mundane situations bring about a lot of information for one to mull over.

Overthinking tricks humans’ brains into believing we’re prepared for any situation as well as can handle any outcome, be it positive or negative.

So, here’s the day question: Are you an over thinker?

Venturing into the world of overthinking, BrightHumanity has compiled 22 Photos that are too real if everyone have an overactive brain that can literally never ever turn off. Enjoy!

#1 An Eye-Contact But No Idea What’s Being Said


#2 Why Did I Say The Word ‘Here’ During Attendance


#3 The Habit Yelling Can Be Worrisome


#4 Awkward Things Thought About For The Next 10 Years


#5 Can You Hurry Up Please!

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#6 I Am Still Waiting For You!


#7 Would You Like A Receipt?

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#8 The Physical Sensation Anxiety

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#9 The ‘Excuse Me Word’ Is Just Difficult To Utter


#10 The Eye-Contact Moment


#11 The Real Me Vs. My Mind

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#12 How Much Underwear Do Your Carry Around?

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#13 Stop Ringing Please! I Have Something Doing!


#14 Ok! Not Again


#15 Why Is Everyone Not Laughing!

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#16 Act Natural, You Are So Innocent


#17 Hang In There, I Am Not Dumb!

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#18 The Anxiety Dilemma

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#19 Bring On The Calls ‘Googles!’


#20 Me Normally Vs. Me When Someone is Watching


#21 ‘Oh Where’s The Damn Birth Certificate

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