18 Humorous Families That Can Easily Become A Plot For Comedy Show

In the universe of families, pranks and jokes are endless.

Siblings who are best buddies, regardless of their ages are always prepared to give a bright atmosphere for laughter.

These hilarious situations make unforgettable memories that get brought up again and again at any family gatherings.

Some of these funny situations are equally shared online, much to amuse internet users.

Bright Humanity appreciates family stories and would like to share with you a few hilarious families that can undoubtedly become a plot for comedy series. Enjoy!

#1 ‘My Friend’s Dad Is Certainly Asian Danny Devito’

© KyronX / Reddit

#2 ‘Mom Advised I Don’t Another Bring Home A 4-Legged Friend From The Shelter. Here’s The New One!

© Rosegingerborn / Reddit

#3 ‘It A Win-Win Situation Here’

© In_A_YamChele / Twitter

#4 ‘A Photo Of Me Taken By Dad At Machu Picchu’

© Mr_Tom_Yabo / Reddit

#5 The Strength Of Spidey!

© sammylynn_ / Twitter

#6 ‘Princess-Boredom: Parents Scared 4-Year-Old Nephew Would Get Bored Of All The Princesses At Disney World’

© heethark / Reddit

#7 Dad Cleaning Up Son’s Apartment Stumbled On A VR Controller And Asked: ‘Can I Know What This Is Used For?

© RadiationGhoul / Twitter

#8 The Best For Introverts

© chertovka00 / Twitter

#9 ‘Yearly, Family Gets A Christmas Gag Gift Based On My Dog, So This Year It’s A Replica Slippers’

© Lotan / Reddit

#10 ‘Kindly Asking You To Dismiss Me From School’

© issaazamat / Twitter

#11 ‘Momma And Crocheting For Her Dog’

© BreannaRufina / Twitter

#12 The Annoying Gene Remain Dominant

© solar_circle / Twitter

#13 The Best Replacement Ever: ‘No Grandkids Yet Vs. Granddogs’

© namanama101 / Reddit

#14 This Is A Lifetime Story

© mattwalshblog / Twitter

#15 ‘Forgot Mom Bought Buffalo. Got Deeply Scared!’

© gfxtacy / Twitter

#16 ‘Need Cuddles? - Sleep And Carry Around A Lemon!’

© Jamberee13 / Twitter

#17 ‘My Niece’s Best Hiding Spot’

© secret_agent_dog / Reddit

#18 ‘Kids Left Minutes Before Shower’ Why Me!

© Pogmaster / Twitter