22 Baffling Comparison Pics Show That Some Things Are Beyond Our Expectations

Have you ever compared a childhood picture of yours to the most recent portrait you got? The stark difference of not just size, but also appearance is really remarkable. It has been years since then, so many things have changed since then and you have learned so much since that childhood picture of yours was taken.

These pictures Brighthumanity captured also show some incredible pictures of comparison. These pictures are really visually triggering and tell stories without the need for words.

#1 The lobster claw is almost 5 pounds heavy.

© NeedCoffee214 / Reddit -Via

#2 The comparison of right-handed and left-handed individuals in my high school.

© haze_rod / Reddit -Via

#3 The lights of grandfather, father and son. The small one probably came from China.

© Onyx8 / Pikabu -Via

#4 Does Samuel L. Jackson age? 1955 vs. Captain Marvel.

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#5 The Mountain of St. Helens before and after a major eruption in 1980.

© baryonyx257 / Reddit -Via

#6 A Maine Coon next to an American shorthair.

© DefinitelyAverage / Reddit -Via

#7 Traffic lights are typically huge these days.

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#8 The California condor, a vulture that went extinct in the wild in 1987.

© VlClOUSLY / Reddit -Via

#9 Instagram vs. YouTube.

© LonelyFleur / Reddit -Via

#10 This lighthouse before and after an ice storm. Majestic!

© cstrobel31 / Reddit -Via

#11 Expectation vs. Reality of a sweatshirt dress.

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#12 I withdrew $300 and got $100 bills from three different generations.

© Miffedbarracuda / Reddit -Via

#13 She never grew into her ears

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#14 Kevin Hart with The Rock, The Rock with Shaquille O'Neal and Shaquille O'Neal with Yao Ming.

© Gone333 / Reddit © shaq / Instagram © shaq / Instagram © kevinhart4real / Instagram

#15 The beautiful Norway Stryn during Winter and Summer.

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#16 An honest woman who shows how she really looks like. A true icon.

© tinysighs / Reddit -Via

#17 Shanghai just 20 years apart.

© Heercamelot / Reddit -Via

#18 Cheerleaders snapped a picture with the women basketball team.

© Strike_Gently / Reddit -Via

#19 Experimented with water of the Virginia stream in two separate tanks. The one on the right have mussels while the one of the left doesn't.

© gangbangkang / Reddit -Via

#20 Same place during summer and then winter.

© ccantrell02 / Reddit -Via

#21 Took the same picture 25 years later at the same model village.

© r7npx / Reddit -Via

#22 Two 100-year-apart American innovation of automobiles.

© seenhear / Reddit -Via