21 People Who Wanted To Look Stunning On Instagram But Failed Hilariously

Social Media has become quite popular over the last 15 years. It is a mass platform where people can freely express themselves and reach out to many people all at once. But just like everything else, even social media has its own negative sides and therefore, can sometimes manipulate us to do something that is stupid.

No wonder, social media is full of the fashion world and celebrities that influence beauty. That has made social media more of a beauty pageant, where people just want one thing, and that is to look good in all the photos that they post. It's very true that we don’t look our best at all times and just because of that reason, sometimes people fail to look astoundingly good to reach and match the standards of beauty over social media.

Today, we bring forward a list of 21 people that wanted to look good on social media but failed miserably. It's like having someone adjust the lighting of the photo and then photoshop it and someone else noticing it in a blink of an eye, and then all the efforts are gone in vain.

#1 It bothers us that she has that nose

© DismalRae / Reddit -Via

#2 The photographer made sure we know what’s behind the frame

© lowkeykathyyyy / Reddit -Via

#3 That teeth are brighter than the Sun

© purpleyellowpaint / Reddit -Via

#4 In the reflection, we can see everything

© DanteMarlvin / Reddit -Via

#5 The only thing that can assure that these are the same person is that mole

© hecasselm / Reddit -Via

#6 You can easily tell the difference

© cherryflan / Reddit -Via

#7 If pure Photoshopped was a term, this photo is the definition

© omrimayo / Reddit -Via

#8 The use of filters on his photos and YouTube videos is surreal making him completely unrecognizable

© quinnpenskey / Reddit -Via

#9 Expectation VS Reality

© sarakingart / Reddit -Via

#10 Not her face, but her costume will tell you who she is

© -Vampyroteuthis- / Reddit -Via

#11 He is nothing like he comes up in that photo

© helloitsmeonion / Reddit -Via

#12 We are shaken. Are you?

© e_lime_pie / Reddit -Via

#13 Photoshop is a skill and she is an expert

© mizmahoney / Reddit -Via

#14 Oh, so the rain doesn’t wet their hair

© ashlitty / Reddit -Via

#15 Looking like a whole different person

© Pookiebobi / Reddit -Via

#16 This editing is beyond expectations

© offitat / Reddit -Via

#17 They are the same person

© malicesfx / Reddit -Via

#18 Her real and tagged photos tell us the real truth

© shinymakeup / Reddit -Via

#19 The difference is so much that it's unbelievable that they are the same

© jlm8981victorian / Reddit -Via

#20 Makeup and filters can strengthen your Instagram

© nokia621 / Reddit -Via

#21 This girl posts pics on both good and bad days

© ami_toonaive / Reddit -Via