30 Hilarious Times Hotels Failed So Awkwardly

We definitely don't hold the intention of proving to you a point that everything along with human beings is a bitter lie. But sometimes we come across innumerable instances that can scam a person and vacations are no exception. For example, our tinder date sometimes appears to be different from their profile picture; similarly, it is a possible instance where a hotel might appear different from the one present in its brochure.

Staying in a hotel while you are on a vacation can be quite convenient for their fancy facilities and comfortable beds; it surely makes your vacation a memorable one when you are away from your home. But not all of them can live up to your expectations. Take, for instance, a hotel might present in its brochure that the hotel is endowed with a gym but what they conveniently forget is to inform you what their definition of a gym is, a hotel may provide you with a facility of swimming pool but the truth behind it of being filled with strong concrete will remain a secret.

Below are such hotels that were far different from their expectations and will make the guests want to stay at home instead!

#1 Chinese Hotel Rules

code0011 -Via

#2 My Non-Smoking Hotel Room Came With A Non-Smoking Ashtray

cinemabaroque -Via

#3 Me And My Business Partner Decided To Share A Hotel Room In Order To Save Some Money. We Weren't Expecting This


#4 Friend Switched On The Lights In His Hotel Room And Looked Up

captainhowdy27 -Via

#5 The Vent In My Hotel Shower Doesn't Seem To Be Working

eddygoombah -Via

#6 In My Hotel Room, I Can Either Close The Closet Or The Bathroom, But Not Both At The Same Time

whycantusonicwood -Via

#7 This Is On The Bed In My Hotel Room

StopPre182 -Via

#8 I Saw This In A Hotel Office

fromaarontoashes -Via

#9 As A Frequent Traveler I Get Gifts At Hotel

Provenzer0 -Via

#10 I'm Beginning To Think Our Hotel In Cambodia Was A Little Dishonest On Their Flyer About The Amenities

puritycontrol -Via

#11 My Hotel Has A Sitting Area With No Possible Way To Access It

HotelIndiaFoxtrot -Via

#12 The Sink In My Hotel Was A Bit... Complicated

MrGrieves123 -Via

#13 When You're Feeling Great But Your Hotel Mirror Puts You Back In Check

spurlockmedia -Via

#14 Hotel I'm Staying At Right Now, Who's Job Was This? Go Go Gadget Arm

Chappssss -Via

#15 Greatest Hotel Name Of All Time

BunyipPouch -Via

#16 I Work In A Hotel. We Received This In The Mail Today

whattheeph -Via

#17 The Word "Hot" In Hotel Caught On Fire


#18 The Bin In My Hotel Room

RustyToad -Via

#19 Just Found This At A Hotel I'm Staying. Nice Showcase

ted1618 -Via

#20 Both Spelling And The Actual Password For The Wifi At A Hotel Where A Friend Is Staying

notdanstevens -Via

#21 So My Friend Is Staying At A Hotel In Minnesota Right Now. Needless To Say, It's Pretty Cold

FallenPandaBear -Via

#22 Staying At A Hotel In Dublin, This Made Me Giggle

c0ffeeman -Via

#23 My Parents Just Arrived At Their Hotel In Spain And Sent A Photo Of Their Pool

putsomecolourson -Via

#24 Staying In A Shitty Hotel In New York When

ohfakit -Via

#25 My Hotel Likes This Painting So Much They Gave Me Two Of Them

weissensteinburg -Via

#26 The Kids Were Disappointed, But The Wife And I Laughed All The Way Back To Our Hotel Room

konahopper -Via

#27 This Staircase At The Hotel I Was Staying At This Week

drowse -Via

#28 The Hotel's Cinema Room Spared No Expense

syrupdash -Via

#29 The Housekeeping Cart At My Hotel Is A Stolen Shopping Cart

PresentBeverage -Via

#30 Don't Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through

mediagarden -Via