Girlfriend Caught Boyfriend After He Agrees To Sleep With Her Mom Who Baited Him

Young woman, Ashley has been suspecting that her boyfriend is interested in her mother and thus, have set out to find out if he is. She works with YouTube show To Catch a Cheater and set out the perfect bait to see if Zack, 22, will bite it. That bait is no other than her own mother, an amazing woman who's willing to help her daughter dodge a bullet.

To her horror, her boyfriend of a year and a half bit the bait.

They staged the meeting and made it as if she accidentally bumped on Zack. She made an enthusiastic invitation to exercise together and Zack agreed to it. Secret cameras caught him in act.

In fact, he looked excited for it.

He even slapped her backside.

Ashley communicated with Luis Mercado on this episode and it also had the appearance of host Chris Hansen. She also explained how she began suspecting because he has been making quite the comments about her mother.

It began with Luis asking to meet at a park and lied about running late. That's when her mother walked by in provocative outfit and flirted with him.

He quickly replied, saying, "You're a beautiful woman. If I were him, I'd so appreciate that." And after a while, she quickly invited him directly to sleep with her.

He replied, "I don't know if Ashley would like that or appreciate that by any means." But was quickly convinced that Ashley wouldn't know and said, "If you're down, I guess I don't see why not."

He was definitely committed and showed up. But this was definitely the place where he's caught red-handed.

Zack tried distracting and became angry at the camera. He realized, however, that he was in trouble with Chris going through the texts he exchanged with Ashley's mom. That number was Luis' set up through Google Voice number.

While Ashley's mom admitted she came out strong, Zack shouldn't rejected the invitation just because his relationship with Ashley was getting 'dry'.

Outside, angered Ashley waited for Zack to come out.

Zack tried to make excuses that Ashley had enough. She walked off that place as well as the relationship.

Some people think this was staged, but the idea of a man interesting in your mom instead of you isn't new either. What do you think?

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