Angry Customer Calls The Police On A Target Employee So People Raised $30k To Send Her On Vacation

One should know when to bring up your dentist's issue and when not to. Apparently, David Leavitt has rubbed the wrong side of the Internet as he got into an argument with a Target manager over a pack of electric toothbrush It's not rare to hear that customers are king and it's even more common to hear about rude 'kings' who think they can get away with anything as long as the employee is at wrong.

Well, working for retail is not fun and most people who've worked there can agree to this - they have to stand for hours, repeat the same words over and over again with customers and occasionally listen to commentary on how they can be better cashiers or workers for the retail. But nobody grows up and tells people what they want to excel as a retail worker.

David Leavitt recently shared a tweet over the mishap of a single toothbrush package and involved the police and court for it. Fortunately, it has also allowed Tori, the manager who's shamed by this entitled customer, a reward of $30k for a good vacation.

David Leavitt started a long thread over how he's going to bring justice... over a single package of Oral B toothbrush.

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Literally our faces when reading this thread.

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Imagine being there in person and listening to a man arguing over a price tag that read $0.01 on an electric toothbrush that usually costs more than $70. You need to lack a lot of common sense or general knowledge to not know that no one in their right mind would sell one at $0.01.

And even more so to not be able to read more of the price tag than the number. Because it clearly says display and nothing Oral B or toothbrush-related at all.

People are not happy that this man, who has internet connection, a smartphone and a journalist, to be complaining over a basic dentist visit and shaming a female worker over a price tag mishandling.

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This got so big that people actually began a GoFundMe for Tori to send her to a vacation. The poor employee did not just have to spend hours speaking and trying to explain things to an entitled customer, but also had to deal with the police and even risked losing her job over a mistake she might not have done.

But thanks to this, the retail manager has got herself decent amount of compensation money to get a well-earned vacation. Yes, the community has decided to unite and has donated more than $30,000 through GoFundMe for #TargetTori.

Tori needs a vacation. Anyone who's dealt with this situation would need one.

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She is now holding this amount of money and is surprised with this much money raised for her cause. Currently, she has also set up a Twitter account to update people on what she's planning to do with the money.

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