30 Pictures Of Extreme Winter That Will Give You Chills Just From Looking At Them

Severe weather events have become more common with documentaries recorded as evidence. Prior to Australia’s uncontainable crisis, the Polar Vortex had transformed the Midwestern U.S into a winter wonderland.

Regarded as a band of strong winds, soaring up into the atmosphere, the Polar Vortex kept a bitterly cold winter season air locked around the Arctic region.

Within the period of occurrence, the strong wind was envisaged to drift further South than the usual as well as enclose highly populated areas of North America.

Chicago was particularly hit hard and its windy location on Lake Michigan brought about freezing temperatures down to recording-breaking lows.

Having witnessed exploding tanks, frozen Spaghetti and frozen toilets among others, We have compiled 30 Real Life photos showing how insanely cold it could get in America.

On the other hand, it certainly will give you some chills! Thus grab for yourself a cup of coffee before scrolling down!

#1 How Cold Is It In The Midwest? Bubbles Are Freezing

BiologistDan -Via

#2 My Brother Was On One Of The Few Flights Into Chicago This Morning. He Took This Photo Of Frozen Lake Michigan From The Plane

DavidPFunk -Via

#3 After Two Days Of Freezing Rain, This Mold Came Out

sprgsmnt -Via

#4 Meanwhile In Minnesota. The Tank Exploded

David Hildebrand -Via

#5 My Sister Opened Her Car Door In Chicago

PerkyMooseTits -Via

#6 A Firefighter After Working In The -40° Polar Vortex

crowntownfrown -Via

#7 My God. We've Reached The Day After Tomorrow

Jacopo_della_Q -Via

#8 Trying To Make The Most Of This -40 F Weather

Mapes -Via

#9 Lunch In Chicago Today. I Like Mine Al Dente

supercatpuke -Via

#10 “Is Iowa Really That Cold?”

taylor_scallon -Via

#11 Current Level Of Snow In Madison: One Whole Mingo

ForwardMSNFC -Via

#12 Pray For The Homeless During This Time! Give To Your Local Shelters. Most Are At Full Capacity


#13 It's So Cold In Chicago They Set Commuter Train Tracks On Fire To Warm Them

metrarail -Via

#14 It's So Cold In Iowa That We Froze Antifreeze

Stonedspidey -Via

#15 Eye Lashes On Fleek! Is That A Thing? Is This The New Winter Running Fashion Statement?

mayrenaisamar -Via

#16 What Happens When You Blow Bubbles In A Freezing Weather

cbotnyse -Via

#17 Meanwhile In Wisconsin

atlastifoundit -Via

#18 Freezing Our Pants Off In Minnesota

gregswan -Via

#19 When These Are The Inside Doors... You Know We Are Polar Vortexing

HeidiMiler -Via

#20 Cadillac Michigan The Light Poles Are Shivering. Science Mannn

GordonsWord -Via

#21 Landlord Decided To Turn Down The Heat Today In My MN Apartment As It Reached -40°

JohannReddit -Via

#22 Going To Daycare When It's -30 Outside

Stweets19 -Via

#23 Frozen Chicken Eggs

afrwvus -Via

#24 You Know It's Cold When The Toilet Paper Is Frozen In The Outhouse

Linda Mooney -Via

#25 The Detroit River, Frozen All The Way To Canada

Jay_Z_123 -Via

#26 Got So Cold Last Night That Our Vodka Froze! For Reference The Freezing Point For Vodka Is -16


#27 We Had A House Fire South Of Cameron Today. Our Chief Mitch Hansen Thought It Was A Splash Park

Bimbo Gifford -Via

#28 Minnesota's Officers

chisagocountyso -Via

#29 Letting My Car Heat Up During The Polar Vortex

ahhbeeli -Via

#30 House Is Freezing From The Inside During The Coldest Day In A Decade

Nayb3n -Via