Nicole Kidman, 52, Stuns With Incredible Physique In Blue Frilly Bikini

Australia is getting so hot these days, people are warned to stay indoors. But if you really need to go out, the beach is definitely where you should be. Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban has decided to go for another swim on the beach. Nicole sticks with blue still but chooses to wear frilly blue bikini.

Wearing a blue frilly bikini, Nicole shows off her athletic physique on the beach along with a high-waist bottom.

The 52-year-old doesn't look her age as she enjoyed the waves with husband Keith Urban, 51. She added dainty gold bracelet with her diamond engagement ring from Keith as they hit the beach on December 26th.

Despite known for having alabaster complexion, she looked rather tan, having frolicked on the beach a couple of times lately.

She was joined with husband who decided to go shirtless with only a pair of black trunks.

No dad bod body because the rocker looked pretty sporty and showed off his own abs. It also made the tattoos on him visible.

The two enjoyed their time off on the beach and kept hitting the waves.

Nicole looked cheerful and enjoying herself like any other beachgoers as temperature soars up to 40C after Christmas day.

After playing in the water for sometimes, the two got back on land and wrapped themselves in matching towels.

Nicole wrapped herself in white sarong and a woven sun hat. She also had a pair of sunglasses to go together with. Meanwhile, husband got his T-shirt back on, wore a baseball cap and had a pair of sunglasses on too afterwards.