Director Has Actually Been Hinting On People When They Certain Characters Drink Milk

In a full-length movie, directors don't always have the opportunities to explain in complete details what kind of characters the actors and actresses are playing. One of those things are making their them drinking milk. Have you ever wondered why do some characters peculiarly drink milk and whether that says something about their characters?

Here at Brighthumanity, we will tell you the reasons directors added these details in their movies and what it means to the characters as well as the scene involved in it.

1. An innocent soul.

© Léon / Gaumont -Via

Milk is often associated with children which grown-ups avoid. You probably still remember how in the movie 'Léon', the killer of the same name was seen drinking it. Luc Besson added this detail with cereals clearly visible on the dining table to show that the character himself is still of a childish one.

Milk can symbolize purity and innocence, the same trait we saw in the professional killer.

2. Power demonstration.

© No Country for Old Men / Paramount Vantage © There Will Be Blood / Paramount Vantage

In the movie 'No Country for Old Men', Anton Chigurh loves to drink milk, but he was not one who had an 'innocent' soul. Yet, like a child, he exerts cruelty and used power to steal milk in one scene and then was seen drinking it on the sofa. The whole scene itself was scary, but he was like a child who simply wanted things to go his way and was satisfied in that moment with that bottle of milk.

In 'There Will Be Blood', Plaiview the dealer, shouted how he drank his milkshake which was a way to show his feelings of satisfactions in having power to do so before killing Eli.

3. The broken moral values that are generally accepted.

© Inglourious Basterds / Universal Pictures © Mad Max: Fury Road / Kennedy Miller Productions

'Inglorious Basterds' by Quentin Tarantino had one of the French farmer provide the German colonel a glass of milk at his request and drunk it in one gulp. He was showing his power and at the same time, that one gulp showed he shows no mercy in taking out what needs to be taken out in his way of reaching his goals.

'Mad Max: Fury Road' also had warriors who drunk breast milk which was supposedly taboo. Yet, the post-apocalyptic world setting had this scene emphasize that moral value is long gone.

4. It emphasizes purity and innocence... which fooled many.

© Suspicion / RKO Radio Pictures © Get Out / Blumhouse Productions

You might call some adults who still drink milk 'like a child', but that's exactly what directors want you to do. They used this drink to force purity and healthiness, like how villain in 'Get Out' looked like.

'Suspicion' also had audiences fooled with the poisoned milk just so he could get the inheritance. Yet, Alfred Hitchcock executed the suspenseful movie perfectly thanks to that glass of milk.

5. It makes characters look younger than they are.

© Rebel Without a Cause / Warner Bros. © A Clockwork Orange / Warner Bros. Pictures © Catch Me If You Can / DreamWorks SKG

What kind of drink will you use to show that a character is young? Water, juice and mostly used, milk. These are people who have milk their lips, but in 'A Clockwork Orange' by Stanley Kubrick, we're simply horrified to remember how the teenagers were the main cause of everything bad.

The same also happened in 'Rebel Without a Cause' as James Dean drank milk the first thing in the morning from the hangover yesterday, emphasizing how his childish and adult feelings are fighting. Leonardo DiCaprio pretended to be an adult pilot, but asked for milk when the stewardess asked him, showing how childish his actual demeanor is.

Aren't these interesting details? Have you thought about details of the things actors or actresses ate that may have meant something?