Australia’s Bushfires Changed Day To Night In Mallacoota

Over 4000 people have been struck on a beach in the Victorian Coastal Holiday Town of Mallacoota, authorities revealed.

Mallacoota is recognized as a tourist town in Victoria, Australia – 500km east of Melbourne. Over 1000 people live there, but the population surged up at Christmas as many Australians headed to the coast to enjoy the holidays with families and friends.


But then, the fire incidents occurred and have changed everything into orange since 9 am, The Guardian’s Timeline also reported. The Populace in the town woke up to witness a thick smoke and pale, orange skies. And has the fires drew nearer, the sky changed into red.

Reacting, the country’s Fire Authority has, however, issued a warning to those residing in or visiting Mallacoota, Combienbar, Club Terrace, Gipsy Point, Tamboon and to surrounding environs to take refuge and not make an effort to leave. 

Homes, according to emergency agencies have been lost in the bushfires sweeping across Victoria’s east. While it’s still considered too early to determine the extent of the losses, it’s also estimated that fires have torn through about 200,000 hectares of land in Gippsland. 



The fires were reported to have started and spread rapidly overnight on Monday as a result of lightning strikes and strong winds.