Polyamorous Woman, 20, Has Fallen Pregnant By One Of Her Four Spouses

A woman with four spouses has gotten pregnant by one of them after going on vacation. Ms. Tory Ojeda from Jacksonville, Florida revealed that she will be raising her soon-to-be-born baby as part of the family.

The woman met with one of her partners Marc, 18 while in high school and went ahead to start another relationship with Travis, 23, months later.

Ms. Tory also found love with Ethan, 22, her long term mutual friend and another man, Christopher, 22. Not long ago, Tory knew she was expecting a baby girl and reveals that Chris is the father.

Tory Is in a relationship with four men, Marc, Travis, Christopher and Ethan

Tory who got pregnant by one of her four spouses after going on a vacation together

Tory with the father of her unborn child Christopher, 22, outside their home in Jacksonville

Tory with her spouse Travis, 23,

Tory with Ethan outside their home in Jacksonville

Tory with Marc, 18, outside their home in Jacksonville

Tory playing a card game with all her partners, Ethan, Travis, Marc, and Christopher

While the relationship could not be termed open, the men involved appeared to be faithful as none had other partners besides Tory. She appeared to be the only one who has multiple romantic spouses, permitting her boyfriends to date other people too if they wanted.


Tory said: ‘Sincerely, I would really love it if somebody found a second partner.’

She added: ‘Sharing time and figuring out schedules between all five individuals and making sure everyone feels included is kind of very challenging. I would like to not be the only woman in the relationship. That would be perfectly nice.’

Tory revealed she will be raising her soon-to-be-born baby as part of the family

Having her own bedroom, Tory revealed that to make it work, her partners swap in and out her bed each night, to ensure each of them gets an equal chance of spending the night with her.

She also had her way of dealing with fear among her partners: ‘There are a couple of healthy means to deal with jealousy. Majorly by just talking to each other.’

‘There’s always going to be little moments of jealousy and it does take a certain amount of restraint and getting relaxed. I would say it helps if you know the person in particular.’ Travis also stated.

Seven months ago, Tory, however, realized she was pregnant with a baby girl who will be welcome into the expanding family in February 2020.