Artist's Comic Depicts How Wrong The 'I’m Not Like The Other Girls' Attitude Really Is

Julie Hang is a creative kid and has always been drawing cartoons since she was young. But apart from that, she as a story that sounds familiar to many of us - growing through her teen years, she felt anxious and had a hard time trying to fit in with others. It was also at the same time when the Internet was glorifying the 'I'm not like other girls' notion that shuts out convos with people we think will not understand us.

Those comics validated her opinions and began creating a barrier between her and other people in general.

But here's her version of 'I'm not like other girls' comic that Brighthumanity just has to advocate for others.

Are we really fine by ourselves?

And it's not wrong to admit it!

juliehangart -Via

It is really easy for each of us to categorize people based on their stereotypes and that isn't completely wrong. At times, especially if your work requires you to meet a lot of people, that's the fastest and less mentally-heavy way to help you remember who is who.

But when you're validating your anxiety and notion of 'I'm not like others, therefore, I don't have to be with others' on top of that stereotyping, you can really isolate yourself from others. You lose your chance to meet people who you may actually feel most belong with.

Sure, you love to game, reading and maybe even doing extreme sports compared to the 'typical girls'. But that doesn't mean you hate getting your nails done and going to the salon once in a while, right?