27 Pics That Will Make You Understand The Earth’s Position In The Universe

We (Humans) are regularly busy with the social activities that we tend to forget how unimportant some of the things are when put up as a whole image.

Have you recently taken a closer look at what’s out there and compare how vast the surrounding environment is compared to our greenery planet? If you haven’t, see how Jupiter is being compared to North America.

The Sun compared to the biggest observed star, perhaps they will make you stop for a re-evaluation on how you see or perceive things around you.

Firstly, This Is Earth, The Planet We (Humans) Are All Living On


And This Is The Solar System Where Our Planet Shares Space With Seven Other Planets


The solar system is undoubtedly interesting with a history of not so much. It consists of a single star, The Sun and eight planets, including Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus as well as Dwarf planets, Eris, Pluto, and Ceres.

This Is How Far Away The Moon Is From The Earth


Nevertheless, You Can Fit Every Planet In The Solar System In That Gap!


Jupiter Is So Big That North America Looks Like A Green Speck On It

John Brady/Astronomy Central

Saturn Is Also Another Big Body And Here You Can See Just How Bit It Is As Compared To Earth

John Brady/Astronomy Central

If The Saturn Rings Are Placed Around Earth, This Is How They Would Appear Like

Ron Miller

Pluto Is A Good Example Of Improvement: 1994 Vs. 2018


In classic mythology, Pluto is recognized as the god of the afterlife and the major ruler of the underworld. Despite not being considered as a planet any longer, people still sought to reach it. In 2015, the New Horizons Spacecraft was the first probe to perform a flyby of the planet, Pluto.

Artist Imagined How Rosetta’s Comet Would Look Like Compared To Size Of Los Angeles


The Yellow Dwarf Star!


Not Too Bad, Here’s How The Earth Look From The Surface Of The Moon

NASA/Bill Anders

While Mars Gives Us A Complete Different Perspective To Earth


Oh! A Planet For Ants? Here’s The View From Behind The Saturn Rings


With 2.9million Miles Away Beyond Neptune, We Appear Smaller Than A Grain Of Salt


This Is The Earth When Compared To The Sun

John Brady/Astronomy Central

Sun From The Surface Of Mars!


Many Stars Outweighing Grains Of Sands On Earth’s Beaches

Sean O’Flaherty

Meaning, The Sun Is Just A Grain Of Sand In The Whole Photo

Oona Räisänen

Placing VY Canis Majoris In The Center Of The Solar System Would Make It To Almost Reach The Orbit Of Saturn

Discovery Channel

If The Sun Was Scaled Down To The Size Of A White Blood Cell


A Glance At Our Galaxy Reveals That Little Earth Loses Its Senses Of Magnitude

The Stars Seen At Night Are All Fraction Of What Lies Out There


Here Is Another Huge: The IC 1101, Which Is 1.04 Billion Light Years Aways

IC 1101

The Photos Of Thousands Of Galaxies!


One Of Them: The UDF!


What You See In The Night Is The Tiny Part Of The Universe


Compared To Earth’s Orbit, Isn’t it Terrifying?

D. Benningfield/K. Gebhardt/StarDate