20 People Realized They've Made Huge Mistakes They Will Never Forget

People make mistakes, no matter what time and generation it is. The difference is that people used to just forget and have stories spread through word-of-mouth that will quickly die out sooner or later before the camera and Internet were common. Nowadays, even the fact that you wore mismatched sandals can be made into a headline if you're a celebrity. 

But hey, it does make us feel less burdened with our own shortcomings when we see that people are not perfect. We've made mistakes in life, but what's important is that we learn from them to become a better person that does not repeat the same thing twice.

Anyways, Brighthumanity enjoys these 'bruh' moments and we know that our readers will definitely feel the same, too.

#1 Well at least he can show-off that picture when he did a handstand on water.

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#2 When you're just really bad at parking.

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#3 Now he learns the importance of safety check.

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#4 Imagine not being able to smell your Mac burning.

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#5 It's Monday, it's winter. And you forgot to close your car's window.

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#6 'How's your day going?'

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#7 It was at that moment that he knew, he f***** up.

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#8 And then the instructor is going to say that figuring out where you sit is part of the training.

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#9 Hill.

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#10 We love cats, but moments like this make us question our life decisions.

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#11 'I'd do anything for my kid.'

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#12 Moments before bride's wedding dress changes colors.

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#13 Alligator gotta text.

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#14 Dog knows he's in trouble. A big one.

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#15 A kid had a bad day. And so does some workers.

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#16 When you believe in 'there is a will, there is a way' and gets held back by reality.

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#17 That's why you move your car when they told you to.

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#18 A lot of people are mad, this day. A LOT.

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#19 Ah, as seconds go by, you watch thousands of dollars sink just like that.

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#20 MOM.

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