18 Photos Show Albino Turtles Look Like Fiery Dragons

Albino animals are very fascinating!

If you’ve seen an albino hedgehog before, they appear like they’re from another planet. Likewise, if you’ve seen the albino zebras and lions, they equally look like the most fashionable animals in the savanna and perhaps in the world.

Yes, we also have the albino turtles, who are freaking super cool. Since the word ‘Albus’ means white in Latin, you’ll be expecting that these albino turtles are white – well they’re Red! Which makes them appear like tiny fire-breathing dragons and fantastical creatures from a parallel universe.

With our planet far from getting boring, being patient and glancing through amazing things, including these turtles is definitely the best so far. Yes, the turtles are back!

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Some albino turtles look like fiery red dragons!

An albino turtle named Hope was born with her heart outside her body. She celebrated her first birthday this November

Different species of turtles have different chances of being born albino

Albino reptiles can look red, orange, pink, or yellow because some pigment remains in their skin

Most albino animals have a tough life because they often have poor eyesight and are easy for predators to spot