30 Hilarious Times People Traveled To Japan And Realized They’re Too Tall For The Country

The Americans are indeed big. The like big meals, big cars, are from a quite big country. They say it’s in the geography of the country.  Looking on the other side of the world, Japan, a country of 126 million people with just four main islands. It is estimated to be 26 times smaller than the USA. But, this small space has taught them to be economical with space and also with technology, houses, and dioramas. This might become an actual problem for tall people who visit the country. They usually get their heads bumped on low doors, short showers and also small train seats.

We have a list of struggles of an American in the country of Japan. And we’ll surely recommend you, one head protector, if you’re that tall yourself!

#1 When I asked a guy to photograph me and my friends while we bathed in Snow Monkeys in Nagano, Japan


#2 When you’re tall and visit Japan, this kind of situation is quite common

leannacasebere -Via

#3 Summing up the trip to Japan as a 6’3” in just a mere collage

chaosunicorn -Via

#4 When you just reached Japan

Gratton -Via

#5 If you ever felt like you don’t fit in, you’d get your answer to the WHY in Japan

tiatravelsto -Via

#6 That’s how being in tall looks like!

florianschura -Via

#7 When a 6’3” live in some traditional Japanese House for around two months, this is how exposed wooden beams treat him

MongooseDog85 -Via

#8 Japan would make all the tall friends duck together

MGP11 -Via

#9 6’7” man visiting Japan

pakupakupaku -Via

#10 You’d become bait for a lot of animals (stuffed) like that Shark

david_instapics -Via

#11 One of the places in the world where you can feel powerful by lifting the ceiling up

tallrobstallprobs -Via

#12 Just something that a tall person would face in Japan

2tall -Via

#13 Simply, if you’re tall, Japan isn’t for you

rault18 -Via

#14 This guy explains how his head struck that light around eight times staying at this room for just one night

crazymunch -Via

#15 You can make up an entire trip of Japan with this just picture

shivermyimgurs -Via

#16 Hotels in Japan

cptcornlog -Via

#17 Your head isn’t going to like the country

allkindsofmamba -Via

#18 Your brain cells can be damaged and removed for free while you’re in Japan

josroder -Via

#19 Being tall in Japan

Denbags -Via

#20 Your chimney in Japan might just start pulling your head

GandalfTheTartan -Via

#21 Once upon a time in Tokyo

supercircinus -Via

#22 Being to Japan will make you realize how tall you are even if you’ve known it all your life

ZachWahls -Via

#23 Clearing a doorway in a traditional Japanese home might be a difficult task

journeylingartist -Via

#24 Your head might just remain bent most of the time in Japan

lenaxia -Via

#25 My family where my sister, 6’, my brother, 6’7”, and myself, 6’4”, had a trip to Japan and we really had a fit in and it wasn’t easy

mynameishutch -Via

#26 You’re always big in Japan

FreakyStyley8 -Via

#27 On a train in Japan, you would just see your abdomen

licentiousbuffoon -Via

#28 Your neck will take some serious revenge for being in Japan

ugotmilk -Via

#29 Being a 6’3” will be really tough in Japan

mrkymrkspf -Via

#30 So, to everyone who’s tall and is going to Japan, I feel you