21 Hilarious Times Women's Online Shopping Expectations Crushed By The Actual Thing

Online shopping is fun as you get to browse without having to go to the shop yourself. They are also typically cheaper, and you get your clothes delivered right to your doorstep. But it goes without saying that everyone who's done online shopping has at least one or two disappointing moments when the actual product arrived.

But see if your disappointment can match the ones that these people were met with. In fact, many of them did not look even close to what was ordered. Brighthumanity can only sympathize, but lessons learned: online shopping is a gamble where you lose sometimes.

#1 My sister got a shirt from from one of those Chinese fast fashion websites.

© mjkazkaz / Reddit -Via

#2 Wrong way around... but hey...

© SomeTypicalRedditGuy / Reddit -Via

#3 A full photo of the "MID-WEIGHT KNIT SWEATER" I ordered.

© titsmcfitz / Reddit -Via

#4 Ordered this costume for my 5 year old..

© Pleasedontdmme / Reddit -Via

#5 $60 Non-Refundable Dress.

© 1deringifuknow / Reddit -Via

#6 Well then, can anybody recommend anywhere I can get my head shrunk?

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#7 What my sister wanted from the seamstress vs. what she got. The wedding is tomorrow.

© khaddy___ / Twitter -Via

#8 Donut buy.

© TheRookieGetsACookie / Reddit -Via

#9 Bought this dress, only for it come without the top part. She looks like Daniel DeVito.

© Theheadandthefart / Reddit -Via

#10 My sister ordered boots offline for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail...

© Sallamandersal / Twitter -Via

#11 Order my birthday outfit and wanted to damn cry.

© GallacticCactus / Reddit -Via

#12 Online shopping can be truly entertaining. Here's your 'Asymmetric Deep V-Neck Maxi Dress'.

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#13 The Very Rare Occasion when the plus size item you ordered online is way bigger than expected.

© SophiaCK / Twitter -Via

I....I live in here now.

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#14 Please explain this inhumane slit.

© bethanie_nicola / Twitter -Via

#15 Just wanted a nice knit sweater for the winter season and instead I got a spandex long sleeve.

© meatloafthepuppy / Reddit -Via

#16 What I ordered, what I got. For 30k each, 60k total.

© L_Boogie_Sue / Twitter -Via

#17 Do they think I'm a Slenderman?

© psychedelime / Twitter -Via

#18 Bought a dress to a wedding. Almost died.

© Missmachineee / Reddit -Via

#19 Not only the t-shirt I ordered is 2sizes bigger, but also they are claiming this is the same skirt.

© huge_loadof-cman / Twitter -Via

#20 I learned my lesson to never order a prom dress online again.

© kavs126 / Twitter -Via

#21 Supposed size 8 dress. Can just about fit my left leg in it.

© _JuliaMagowan / Twitter -Via

Fits nicely around my leg.

© _JuliaMagowan / Twitter -Via