Bride Cancels Wedding And Decided To Spend $30k That Guests Donated For It

Indeed, the world is undoubtedly crazy. The behavior express by some people will really make you seat at the edge of your chair, if not fall back on your couch.

And Here’s however an example:

This bride-to-be reached a decision to spend a whopping $30,000 donated by guests for a pre-honeymoon trip after acknowledging she’s experiencing a financial crisis.

Shared by Joyeuxaniversaire1, a Reddit User, the whole story proved that the wife-to-be was entirely greedy as she even requested for more donations.

Standardly,  a wedding cost in New York is around $76,944, in Mexico, $17,584 and in the United States, $33,391. So, planning for a wedding with a $30k free donation by friends and family was a significant boost to the pair’s budget.  

But no, she went past the line and spit on her invitee’s face!

You’re going to love this.

The guests, especially their family members, were furious.

The family drama continues to rage.

Here comes the apologetic bridesmaid.

Bridezilla’s update:

She may have watered down on fire lit by oil.

People couldn’t believe what this ungrateful woman had just did.