17 Genius Teachers That Took Cheating Prevention To The Next Level!

A school is a place where we get to learn things and sometimes even cheating. Students are getting quite cunning with their cheating skills with each passing day. And some teachers feel the need to take preventing cheating to the next level as well. For some of us, these examples of teachers preventing cheating may seem a little bit extreme, but one can’t deny that these efforts are hilarious as well as creative. So here we have a few pictures that will make you laugh hard!

#1 Drone cameras to catch the cheater

#2 The one where you use umbrellas

#3 Looks like they take cheating quite seriously

#4 A specially cut cardboard boxes for students

#5 No one can even try to cheat

#6 Cardboard boxes to prevent cheating

#7 Ways to prevent cheating

#8 You can't hide from the teacher's eye

#9 New ways to focus

#10 Indian army on their recruitment day

#11 No one can stop someone who wants to cheat

#12 Even the teachers can't see what students are doing behind those folders

#13 Somewhere in China

#14 You can even make hats

#15 In Philippines, you just can't fool the teachers

#16 You are under video surveillance

#17 Metal detector to check ‘wireless cheating devices’ in China