20 Awesome Urban Designs That shine Brighter Than A Diamond

These designs may have looked insignificant as many of us enjoy using them daily for granted. But given the simplicity, yet, the functionality of some of them, we want people to recognize them more. The infrastructure that we enjoy using daily in helping us reach our destination faster, fulfill our needs or space-saving are amazing creative structures we all wished we have in our country.

Brighthumanity compiled the best ones out of them. Can you find which one you often use or maybe add what kind of public service or functions your city has?

#1 Japan's subways allow people to bring their bikes up and down the stair conveniently.

© PidgeonSmidgeon / reddit -Via

#2 The sun reminds people to take a break!

© alc7328 / reddit -Via

#3 Aluminum attachments are made to turn street posts into furniture thanks to this company.

© teratomaproductions / Instagram -Via

#4 This realistic map of the area has house numbers and street names written.

© mrwhitedynamite / reddit -Via

#5 Roll mats are provided to help people with difficulties walk through the sand dunes.

© TurnipTemple / reddit -Via

#6 This traffic light has an effective system to keep pedestrians safe at the crossing sections.

© artificial_future / Instagram -Via

#7 This bike storage system that does it by spinning vertically.

© manifesto.architecture / Instagram -Via

#8 Park bench with wheelchair accessible feature.

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#9 Singaporean buildings are required to follow guidelines, including being green like what this building did well on.

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