Husband And Wife Decided To Live As A 'Throuple' After Falling In Love With A Woman At The Gym

A husband and wife have reached an agreement to enter into a threesome relationship after falling in love with a woman at the gym. With both females hovering over their short husband, they’ve all agreed that better things come in small packages.

Mary Barillas, 32, is an Engineering Expediter and a CrossFit Gym owner from Kennewick, Washington met her husband, who was her business partner, Leo, 34 when she was 13 in high school.

Leo, who is also an entrepreneur started dating Mary and got married when she turned 17. Mary and Leo, in 2015, however, met with an estimator, Kimberlee Slage, 29 during their gym session and soon the trio became good friends.

Spending more time together, their relationship soared into a romantic one and the three friends formed a throuple in 2016, a year later. 

Mary and Leo Barillas, from Kennewick, Washington, met Kimberlee Slagle, in 2015 and became a happy 'throuple'

Leo, with Mary and Kim and their four children, Carson, Keagen, Paige and Kymper

Leo met Kimberlee through their CrossFit gym business and quickly became friends with her

Kimberlee joined Leo and Mary with her two kids, Kymper, 7, and Keagan, 11. Accordingly, Leo and Mary had two children, Paige, 4 and Carson, 9. Joining the family at their home in June 2017, they all have been living under the same roof ever since.

Disclosing their life on Instagram with the handle @pnwtraid16, the throuple plans to motivate others to be very honest with who they actually are – even if it’s different from what the society considers normal. 

They ll have been living together since June 2017

Leo dressed up as Pacman for a costumed party with Mary and Kim. He revealed that the key to a good relationship was communication

Their relatives were supportive of the threesome's relationship

Celebrating Christmas with the kids -Keagen, Page, Carson and Kymper, Leo said both Mary and him fell in love with Kim, but not at the same time and not for the same reasons

The throuple living it up on Kim's birthday

The threesome had to deal with issues of jealousy like in normal other relationship

Mary, Leo, and Kim enjoying a night out together

‘Polyamory implies being honest and open with who you truly are. When you love more than one person, embrace it, even though it’s beyond the social norm,’Leo stated.

Also revealing that their throuple lifestyle has been positive so far, even though some individuals are still in shock to the heart that they live as a threesome, Leo has proven to be proud to have his two taller partners on his arms. 

While most people are accepting of their lifestyle, some still ask a lot of questions about how the throuple manage to live together as one

The ex-marine and business owner said it was ok to 'follow one's heart' and to explore uncommon relationships