'Joker' Viewers Around The World Walked Out Of The Theaters And Urge Cinemas To Ban It

The film ‘Joker’ is continually causing controversy after its opening over the weekend.

With fans storming the cinemas to view the anticipated film, it has however, been reported furiously that the movie was terrifying and triggering.

‘Literally just walked out of a screening of the Joker. It’s way too terrifying to be there with all this going on the way the movie showcases gun violence as well as mental health issues,’ A viewer said on Twitter.

Some viewers have even gone to the extent of calling for the movie to be banned from the Cinemas, revealing it can inspire a mass shooting as well as promoting violence. 

It's no joking matter: Controversial movie Joker has caused further concern after fans stormed out of the cinema

People are seen outside the TCL Chinese Theatre as the film Joker premieres in Hollywood

This movie theater in Huntington Beach, California showing the film 'Joker' was closed down on Thursday night

However, the R-rated super villain movie had shattered October opening day box office records after carrying away $39.9 million in domestic ticket sales on Friday and presently on the path to accepting a $92 million weekend total.

Well, not every viewer is accepting the ultra-violent movie, which sees Joaquin Phoenix portrays Arthur Fleck – an embattled clown who later changed into Batman’s most iconic nemesis.  

Regardless, there has been no incident of violence at screenings. Police across different countries went on a high alert and also beefed up their security at the theaters. 

Joker unseated Venom, which also holds the record for best October opening with $80.3 million

Furthermore, a theater in Huntington Beach, California canceled two screenings Thursday night after receiving a threat.

Also in New York City, police reacted to screening after a viewer sparked fears by spitting on others and clapping loudly each time the Joker kills someone. The viewer was, however, escorted out of the theater.

'S**t was scary like a 4-D movie experience, another viewer tweeted. 

A billboard was displayed for the new film 'Joker' on Thursday in West Hollywood, California

Despite receiving critical acclaim, social media monitoring FBI agents in the US had warned it could inspire screening attacks from incel

Among a flurry of messages, a fan wrote: 'Literally just walked out of a screening of Joker