20 Hilariously Epic Stair Design Fails

Okay, what's going on around here?

Admittedly, I'm not an interior designer nor have I learned anything about architecture. But with my minimum knowledge of playing the life-simulation game The Sims 4, I am very sure that these stairs cannot legit exist simply because they are life-threatening. It takes a lot to fail on something that is so inherently basic and proceeds to try to be different but ended up with the most confusing and dangerous part of the building/house.

Brighthumanity happened upon a lot of stair design fails, unfortunately, but be warned that these might just give you the anxiety you didn't need. Otherwise, have fun!

#1 Cobo Hall is trying to trip people with their subtle choice of carpet.

scienceyeaux -Via

#2 "Mom, can you find my- OOP-"

shortround10 -Via

#3 What kind of devil did building owner make a deal with?

ThatJustWontWork -Via

#4 When you hire people who didn't use their brain cells at all.

MenacingBanjo -Via

#5 Look's pretty and glowing... but imagine you're wearing socks and you took your first step with your right leg.

TeeMestoil -Via

#6 Stairs to netherworld.

SnyperJay -Via

#7 Stairs that lead to nowhere.

mariii95 -Via

#8 Is this a tree house? Why didn't they flatten- okay.

palegreycells -Via

#9 ONLY for the disabled on wheel-chair. You can't use your legs.

Planeguy58 -Via

#10 Imagine getting out of the studio to this staircase at a movie theater.

hatonthefox -Via

#11 Remember to take the first right step or you'll die.

Elmaaro -Via

#12 When you try to be neutral and took the choice in between but ends up nowhere.

N0t-a-Weeab00 -Via

#13 In case of fire use stairs, they said. Do not use elevators, they said.

dylangleit -Via

#14 More bone-breaking, anxiety-inducing stairs!

Cyreniac -Via

#15 This better be a concept stair.

Peeped -Via

#16 "Kelly, come quick!" says the person who's had a deep grudge for her.

Vjaa -Via

#17 This isn't a staircase, but a waterfall. Of course, someone mistaken it and slipped on the 'stair'.

Johantm -Via

#18 Can you feel anxiety welling up in you?

#19 The stair is crowded? Don't worry, all you slim people have more ways to go down.

adynako -Via

#20 This school likes to confuse their students.

dogbreathTK -Via