Woman Shames Her Fiancé After Learning The Cost Of Her Engagement Ring

Getting the perfect-fitted design, style, and size of an engagement ring are things most men get worried about before picking a venue and a date.

While ‘what will be the response of their partner’ is not necessarily the headache, the ring serves a symbol of a man’s love and it’s expected to be cherished for life.

For a few women, it becomes annoying if their spouse, however, gets it all wrong. Here’s an example, a lady recently expressed her discontentment and anger with her engagement gold ring that has a diamond solitaire at the top, bought for $1,674.

To get different opinions about her engagement ring, the furious woman took to the internet.

The gold ring with a diamond solitaire on top cost $1,674. The lady described the ring as a cheap and small product!

Courtney Barrett

The woman publicly disgraced her fiancé by calling him a ‘cheap man’


People definitely lashed out at her!

Eventually, the post shared by the woman got erased