20 Designs Show What Happens When You Hire Unhappy People As Designers

Making something uniquely beautiful and attractive is not everyone's calling. Even if an image or a sample is shown, some designers still make the aftermath a hilarious one.

Understanding such scenario, we at Greenlemon have compiled 20 designs that appeared perfect at first glance,  but later on, poses serious questioning on whether the designers were unwise.  

#1 This is both a urinal and a toilet in Finland

© Niiisse / reddit

#2 Is paper now fire resistant?

© en5ads / reddit

#3 I sure will set every everything on this table on fire

© OINOU / reddit

#4 Here’s how to tell girls they look ugly

© xnum / reddit

#5 FYI, it’s not Paris. It’s Paais!

© BeefyMacAndCheese / reddit

#6 There’s apparently no problem here! I am just going to stick in my charger

© alhimik007 / pikabu

#7 Make sure you read both the close and open. Life is indeed complicated this way

© CaptJackSparrow / pikabu

#8 Really! A human smile is photo-shopped on a dog!

© n0t-_ / reddit

#9 If you wish to be thoroughly fried. Enjoy this!

SOL1Dx / reddit

#10 This designer apparently don’t want anyone to live here

© holyhelp / reddit