23 Animals That Surprise People With Their Unbelievable Size

Every kind of life form deserves a chance to be loved, even if they are slightly bigger and harder to care for like the Great Danes and Alaskan Malamutes. Insignificant size can also make animals like hermit crabs and marsupials escape from our attention.

Most of us can't imagine owning a wolf dog at the size of a pony or a horse that reaches 2m height! Big, chunky cats simply mean they are full of love and small kittens are just so opiniated we can't ignore them. Can you also imagine a hermit crab that doesn't need shells and stand at eye-level to a dog? Or a crab that is so tiny it's no longer than the width of your fingers!

Brighthumanity has compiled animals of incredible sizes filled with love. It's certainly going to make your Internet time today productive!

#1 Is this a direwolf?

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#2 Dead, giant squid in New Zealand.

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#3 Leonberger German dogs are really huge and fluffy and... sorry, busy giving them the hugs they deserve.

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#4 These giant coconut crabs feast from, guess what, coconuts!

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#5 A tiny seaturtle!

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#6 It's a very smol bunny. That white patch means it's unweaned, yet.

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#7 Is that you Mort? This is an adorable bush baby.

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#8 This stray 28 lb cat got adopted by a lady who owns a pet store.

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#9 This is a blue Hyacinth Macaw which is also world's largest parrot. And it's being so soft and gentle to a kid!

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#10 Big Jake is a big horse. He's Big Jake because he's the tallest horse alive today!

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#11 She is the darkness, the destroyer of the world! Look at those menacing claws!

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#12 Can someone tell him he's not a lap dog. This Great Dane is having the time of his life.

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#13 A sugar glider with tail longer than its own body!

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#14 How does one calm down when such a cute baby goat is sleeping in their hands is unfathomable.

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#15 Koala in your hands.

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#16 This really tiny crab is a baby ghost crab!

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#17 This is a golden-capped fruit bat which is an endangered megabat and is one of world's largest.

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#18 A baby puffer fish!

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#19 Not sure if it's the driver or the bison that are lost.

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#20 Feed me, you mortal!

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#21 This is a baby quoll and it looks so tiny!

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#22 The world's largest wombat just hanging around.

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#23 A very small and cute piglet!

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