Artists Draw 3 Horror Stories With Unexpected Dark Endings

What is the similarity between 'Justice League,' 'Harry Potter', and 'Avengers'? The protagonist always ends as the movie teaches us a good moral lesson. But there are times when we don't want those typical endings to happen. If that's what you're feeling, you'll surely love what writer Ehud Lavski and illustrator Yael Nathan do with their comics.

In the beginning, you will see your typical narcissistic or evil individual just doing their evil deeds. You'll also see the typical scary silhouette of someone who seems to be a mysterious murder that has been set on the loose. But you can never judge people based on their appearances, nor do things always end the way fairytales do. These fantasy stories seem to ring the harsh truth of reality for some,

One way to make these stories even better is to know that Lavski found his inspiration within nightmares.

The two started a Kickstarter project to turn the separated comic into one classy book. The project ended this May, but you can still preorder the books here! Meanwhile, enjoy 3 of their stories that will certainly make you feel less lonely tonight and diving deep into life thoughts about life for no reason.

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