13 Brides Can't Stop Flexing Their Pocketed Wedding Dresses And The Internet Love It

Skirts with pockets are such a lifesaver for many, yet, we don't understand why can't some designers remember to add them to their new clothes. Perhaps, those ripped jeans are too ripped to have any decent pockets sewn. Perhaps, some people think it's not elegant for wedding dresses to have pockets.

But we, women, don't think so. As a bride who has to remain perfect, beautiful and stressed out throughout the wedding preparation, we can always and will definitely appreciate pockets in our wedding dresses. These brides managed to snap one for their wedding and now, the Internet is loving them. The Twitter thread was started by Esther Kezia Thorpe who posted a picture of her friend who's the bride of the day. She had pockets and that's all we need to know.

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