15 Amazing Pics Of People Who Prove Nature Is Capable Of Anything

These people prove that normal is boring. Imagine if you were born with four fingers - you might feel a little left out, different from your fellow friends. It's normal to want to feel acceptable because we are social creatures. Doctors call those differences as a genetic disorder, mutations, an irregularity that is not expected.

By no means are we saying that pinky fingers are useless - they are important part of our anatomy that helps humans grab things firmly with balance. But have you ever think about beauty and how special one is when born just slightly different from others? It's like nature is showing again what an amazing artist they are through humans.

Every once and then, human history will be colored with genius and talented artists across the world. We from Brighthumanity like to consider these people similar to them.

#1 Vitiligo has affected only one side of this man's face.

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#2 A man born with heterochromia as well as natural white hair.

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#3 The baby girl has the same birthmark as her mother!

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#4 Someone was born with 5 fingers like this.

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#5 When a man is born with anisocoria, one of his pupils remain in a fixed position while the other works normally.

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#6 These people born with the same birthmark but with different colors.

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#7 A whole Indian family who have albinism.

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#8 Someone born with single palmar crease, commonly found in people with Down Syndrome.

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#9 She is not using any mascara and her eyelashes are partly white.

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#10 This person can definitely rock some good toe rings.

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#11 These fingers are not doused in white chocolate liquid - they are white because it's cold and blood doesn't circulate there anymore.

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#12 This person has his left knuckles genetically pushed back.

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#13 Some people, especially Asians, are often born with preauricular sinus.

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#14 Some others have different eye colors - in a single pupil.

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#15 When you're born like the Dactyls from Greek mythology.

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