Professional Photographer Reveals His Secret To 'Perfect' Instagram Pictures

Instagram is so full of people who strive for perfection in their pictures. And we feed them by giving them likes an follows, but behind those perfect pictures of the mundane daily things that happen is the crew that is responsible to set the light, props, and position. 

A kind and professional Orlando-based photographer, Geo Leon, is willing to reveal what goes on behind the scenes in a photography session. These pictures are different from the kinds taken indoor where people can freely walk around, and have their props positioned properly. But out there in the world, models have to sit between trees and be prepared to hold bananas in a grocery store while people walk by.

And suddenly, all those perfect pictures now make sense. At the same time, we don't feel entitled to capture such perfect pictures because they went through so much effort and editing. They help us to be realistic when we wish for our own perfect pictures.

Brighthumanity has compiled behind-the-scenes of professional photoshoots by Geo Leon which you can find out more about here.

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