30 Wholesome Pictures Of Senior Good Boys And Girls

Dogs are men's best friends and oftentimes we wonder if we really ever deserve the unconditional love puppers show to us. Yet, here we are, living side by side with these canines who jump at the smallest tease of snacks, wags their tail when we scratch their chin and follows us around loyally just because we showed a little bit of love.

They are animals who don't understand the concept of compassion, reciprocation, yet, they never failed to amaze us from time to time. Some dogs venture out and come home with a 'gift' for their owner. They also love to lick us with love and won't care whether we are fully dressed or naked. As long as we care for them, they will do their best to care for us. Dogs are even smart enough to be taught tricks that humans can't do! (Will any of you play dead at command?)

Unfortunately, they don't live as long as humans do. Dogs typically live up to 15-20 years and show signs of fatigue during their last days. Even so, these senior dogs show the purest kind of smile and love to their owners with their remaining times on earth. Just show them a bit of love and in return, they will love you like nothing ever matters in the world.

#1 Getting Grey, 15 Years Together

Petey09 -Via

#2 Adopted This 13 Year Old Girl 2 Weeks Ago. I Think She Likes Me

timberviolence -Via

#3 Rescued A Senior Floofer This Year, We Call This Her “Retirement”

DeadskinsDave -Via

#4 When An Old Girl Gets A Second Chance

ro_bopanda -Via

#5 My Dog Is Too Old To Go On Walks Anymore, So My Brother Put Her In A Wheelbarrow And Went Around The Neighborhood

CagSwag -Via

#6 Most Of The Time My Brother's Old Girl Gets Overshadowed Buy The Younger Dogs In He House. Today She Went For A Ride With Dad All By Herself. Look At That Face

tazerpruf -Via

#7 Just Turned 18 Years Old Today

funkadelic9413 -Via

#8 The Color Has Faded Over The Years But Their Love Hasn’t

Tyindorset -Via

#9 I Met A 14-Year-Old Lab With Vitiligo This Morning

smokestacks -Via

#10 17 Years Old

popek123 -Via