Guy Takes Pictures Of Car License Plates Outside Parenthood Office To Later ‘Educate’ Women At Their Homes

It is definitely maddening to see that some people are so forceful, or even tenacious, in preaching what they do. There is a difference between wanting to save lives and being obsessed with what you do. A man from Tucson, Arizona, has claimed to be taking pictures of car plates of women who visit a Parenthood office. The man is a pro-life who is against abortion and he is justifying this act in order to 'reeducate' women on abortion.

Yes, last time we checked, saving lives including preventing people from doing suspicious activities such as stalking people like this. Pro-life or not, such a criminal act should never be advocated and aren't we just glad that so many people, both pro-life and pro-abortion, stand united against such dangerous acts.

Facebook group Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Emporium posted on Facebook to warn fellow expecting mothers (and anyone, actually, who are visiting the office) of the man's action.

This is a comment Jordan made himself that was also posted to the same group, it proves he’s well aware of his actions.

How certain people can advocate violence, war and the proliferation of guns while claiming to be ‘pro-life’ is a baffling phenomenon.

The same people who are convinced that they are bravely fighting on the ‘battlefield for souls’ in a ‘spiritual crusade’ against abortion are always the first to demand that universal healthcare be taken away from poor families, that people fleeing conflict should be turned away at the border, or that sensible gun control laws should be avoided at all costs.

When living, sentient children have their lives tragically taken away from them in one of the multiple school shootings across the USA, the stock response is to offer ‘thoughts and prayers.’ Perhaps the solution to the abortion issue should be ‘thoughts and prayers’ too, rather than stalking and harassing women for their choice of what they do with their own bodies?

People’s responses to Jordan’s post restore our faith in humanity somewhat, with many commenters pointing out that the work of Planned Parenthood goes far beyond abortions. They give a great deal of help to struggling young families and offer healthcare services like cancer screenings, birth control, vaccines and advice on sexual health issues, too.

What do you think? Have you visited a Planned Parenthood office or clinic before? How was your experience?