Someone Noticed Similarities Between 'Game Of Thrones' And 'Shrek' In 17 Scenes And It's Unbelievable

Come on the adorable Podrick sure does look a lot like human Shrek

Arya and Puss in Boots definitely could go head to head in a duel

This fan theory sparked the twitter account @Shrekgot, dedicated solely to these side by side comparisons and even a GoT + Shrek trailer, which combines scenes from Game of Thrones dubbed with the voices from Shrek.

Hmm there certainly are a lot of character doppelgangers between the two. Fiesty, smirking, with plenty of tricks up her sleeve, Olenna Tyrell was the closest thing to a ‘Fairy Godmother’ on GOT

Two short men with large personalities and styles, however, Tyrion Lannister would make no doubt a better ruler than Lord Farquaad

Much like Jon Snow, King Harold’s true (frog) identity was not revealed until later – and it still made no difference