Woman Comments There's Nothing Sexier Than A Man In 'Dirty Work Gear' Gets Hilarious Responses

We all have our own kinks just like how some prefer sadistic men over others. Some women just don't really give that much damn about hygiene and proceed to think that men who have been working hard with their sweat rolling down their sexy chest just look really hot. They look hardworking, attractive and well, you know what I mean.

That is until a certain woman decided to put it on Twitter under 280 characters. After her subsequent confession of her ideal type, she gets hilarious replies and thousands of likes from people across the world. What's even funnier is the fact that a lot of guys are so ready to get dirty for her.

Literally, very dirty.

This is Olivia Corcoran. She recently posted an innocent confession of her ideal type.

@oliviacorcoran_ -Via

@oliviacorcoran_ -Via

Soon enough, men were flooding her replies with their best attempt at looking sexy in 'dirty work gear'. Super hilarious!

@oliviacorcoran_ -Via












Happy to say that Olivia was glad to see the enthusiasm!

@oliviacorcoran_ -Via