Game Of Thrones Accidentally Leave A Starbucks-like Cup In One Of The Scenes And We Are Losing It

As exciting as the Battle of Winterfell was, we are not going to gloss over the fact that it was dark as hell. In fact, we hope the dragon could just lit everything on fire and let us see what the hell is going on. It was exciting, but just a little too dark for a hardcore fan to be able to make out everything just from watching it once. And like every other episode, the post-war episode "The Last of the Starks" was not going to escape any criticism.

Everyone was happy, celebrating, and perhaps, a little too excited because we are not going to miss that cup of Starbucks on the table.


Well, thanks to the fact that this episode is pretty well-lit, a lot of fans noticed that small unnatural-looking cup of drink left on the table. Game of Thrones is a long-running fantasy-based TV series with high attention to details and theme. The crews always make sure that the show captivates its viewers into a fantasy world filled with dragons and the undead.

Well, humans make mistakes. And the best we can do about what has happened is to joke about it. So, here we go!

The fourth episode of the final season of GoT, titled “The Last of the Starks" had all fans losing it. Can you see it?


Yep! There is a cup of what seems like hot coffee on the table where Daenarys is sitting at. Because the scene is rather bright, it's not hard to spot it out.


Daenerys Targaryen is having the best coffee of her life. Because it's possibly the only one she's ever had.


What kind of coffee does she drink? Ice coffee? Dragon roasted?


When the officials declared this to be the finale of the long-running successful series, everyone is dreading it. And so far, most think they got it right; "Game of Thrones Season 8 sucks" is trending on Google.Some think the death of a certain character is too simple. Some think the writers were too rushing it and lost the charm they have been building for 8 seasons.And some hated the fact that the previous episode was too dark and that the producer was not going to admit to that.

And it all started from this suspicious screenshot.

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Many people doubted it's real.

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But more proofs popped up and it was confirmed to be an actual footage. Daenarys was actually having a cup of latte.

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And the ensuing jokes and memes begin.

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Some fans could not accept the simple mistake that ruined the mood of the film. That cup of coffee from 2019 spoiled a lot of things!

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But the memes continue.

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That barista must have been confused on the third letter: "Daneris? Dinaris?"

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PLOT REVELATION: Daenarys was actually drinking herbal tea, but it hasn't yet to be confirmed from which magical hill were the tea leaves picked.

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Everyone makes mistakes and but let's hope we don't see any more Starbucks coffee or Teavana in the scenes!