What Would Happen If Your Favorite Characters Got Old, 23 Hilarious Illustrations

Disney and Superhero cinema has become one of the most popular and successful genres. We have been fond of both of them and probably grew up with them. Superhero cinema has been steadily growing since the 2008 release of Iron Man. The characters that have become so familiar to us through these movie versions have been around for a hell of a lot longer. And undoubtedly Disney and Marvel both have done a great job bringing them to the big screen but what if they showed the natural process of aging in your favorite Disney and Marvel characters? 

Have you thought how will these superheroes and Disney characters look if they grew old and retired just like any other mortal person in the world? We have always imagined them in different situations but recently a  Perm-based Russian artist named Lesya Guseva illustrated what we never thought about. She created a series of illustrations called “Pensioners” where she showed how some of our favorite Disney, DC, and Marvel characters will look when they finally get retired, take rest and enjoy their normal lives as normal old people. Right from Spider-Man knitting with his wife, Minnie, and Mickey celebrating their 80 birthdays at Disneyland or Thor making a birdhouse with his grandson, she has done a great job that will make you adore her work and instantly make you a fan of her artwork!

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#1 Aquaman

#2 The Flash

#3 Thor

#4 Spider-Man

#5 Hulk And Loki

#6 Logan

#7 Iron Man

#8 Snow White And Captain America

#9 Harry Potter

#10 Princesses Belle And Jasmine

#11 Mario

#12 Cinderella

#13 Catwoman

#14 Supergirl And Wonder Woman

#15 Joker

#16 Harley Quinn

#17 Ariel

#18 Deadpool

#19 Batman

#20 Genie And Doctor Strange

#21 Superman, Pocahontas And Meeko

#22 Catwoman And Thor

#23 Catwoman