Popular Vegan Influencer Gets Caught Eating Fish, Starts Making Excuses, But Her Followers Aren’t Buying It

Here is her apology video.

Basically, her journey into raw vegan went wrong. A whole lot wrong, especially since she began that 25-day mineral water fasting. She started to enter a pre-menopause stage and was diagnosed with a lot of health issues. She was avoiding meat the whole time, but after years of fight, she gave up.

“I wasn’t considering all of the options and for me it was now an option, I was seeing it as an option. And that’s exactly why I haven’t shared it with you, because for me it’s still an experiment, for me it’s still a process, I’m still figuring it out. I’m not gonna sit in front of the camera and tell you like, ‘oh, I’ve been eating eggs and fish for the past two months and everything is better and everything is good, and the plant-based diet doesn’t work.’ No. I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying that i’m trying to figure it out.”

It was apologetic and almost believable. But hey, you can still buy her diet plan!

People think she should have opened up early and just be honest before she puts others in danger.